The Toilet Without Water & Chemicals!

Dry Flush, with its patent pending process, doesn't use chemicals or water. It is 100% odorless. It can go anywhere! The disposal system takes less than a minute to empty - never be afraid to use your RV or boat toilet again!

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The Easiest Toilet To Clean...Ever!


You will love this!

Dry Flush requires no water or chemicals. Cleaning is a breeze. It's economical and environmentally friendly.



Dry Flush is simple and self-contained. Plug in or run from its internal battery and it can really go anywhere. Perfect for isolated or remote areas or just that weekend outing.


No Odor

Dry Flush's double-layer technology keeps waste out of sight and odors locked in. What’s more when you’re finished with your outing, dispose of the contained waste, and everything is gone – really gone! Your RV or boat will always smell as fresh as the day you bought it.


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