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Dry Flush, LLC has developed what we think is “The Perfect Toilet”. The unique advantage to this unit is that it does not use water or chemicals and is odor free. It is very lightweight, durable and is powered by a rechargeable battery cell which provides up to 300 flushes before needing recharging. It uses a specially designed cassette that dispenses clean material released into the bowl after each “flush”. The flush cycle encapsulates waste material, wraps it tightly to make an odor tight pouch and compacts it into the bottom of the inner container within the toilet. After using the unit for approximately 17 flushes, the cassette is easily removed and a new cassette can be installed in less than a minute. All waste is encapsulated in the material in a proprietary double bagging system within the cassette so the user never has contact with waste. All of the contents are then disposed of in any trash receptacle or landfill as would adult and infant disposable diapers. The Laveo™ by Dry Flush unit is perfect for RV’s, camping, boats, trucks, construction sites, cabins, tents and disaster relief areas where power outages and flooding has occurred. In addition, a model that is equipped with hand rails for medical and home care use by the handicapped, infirm, disabled or elderly is available.

Read more about the features that Laveo by Dryflush™ has to offer.

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  1. Joe Pass Reply

    We purchased our dry flush for our cabin. We used it cominuosly for six weeks. It worked flawlessly. No odor. No fuss. Easy to change cartridges. We will buy the a/c adaptor as our cabin has electricity. My wife loves this unique and original toilet. So do I.

  2. Jin Moskwa Reply

    Surprisingly alluring. Precisely what I had been looking around for!

  3. Belle Reply

    scusa, non avevo colto…me ne sono accorto dopo una seconda (completa, ops!) lettura del commento. Devo essere stato ancora in stato confusionale dalle risate che mi sono fatto leggendo i commenti, su blog e siti amici "e dintorni", riguardo alle ultime miidn.ca….nsavve.ture di alcuni complottisti!Miao!

  4. shravan Reply

    wow ! very nice site .

  5. Jorge Arrueste Reply

    Do you have, or are in a process of developing, a toilet that allows more than 17 flushes per cartridge ?

    • Dry-Flush Reply

      We only have the one model an no future plans

  6. Dry-Flush Reply

    We are making very good progress. We are now in the testing stage of a new material

  7. Gary Wendland Reply

    How is the Dryflush toilet installed? This is a question hat was not asked (and obviously not answered) in your FAQs…and unless I just missed it, I did not see any installation information anywhere on your website. How is stability maintained?

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